Nearly forgot to mention, I have a new cartoon on my YouTube page. The reason I'm not putting it here is because it uses a copywritten song (Bohemian Rhapsody).

If you are a fan of SovietWomble and the Zero Fucks gang, you may well like it.

See ya.

Shit. sorry for ignoring you

2017-03-13 14:09:07 by Lozzer87

Been kind of busy with family stuff and work on a new cartoon. Sorry about that.

That said, I have a new Wacom Cintiq I'm using right now and I am loving it. The only thing stopping me from creating a brilliant drawing now is my own lack of talent! Which I lack severely, but that's like saying the grass is green and farts smell.

Cartoon is about 70% there, just finishing up the lineart and will work on backgrounds and colour soon. 'Till then, see ya!

Cartoon is done. Yaay!

2016-10-29 13:23:51 by Lozzer87

What the title says

Sore throats can suck a dick

2016-09-27 16:56:09 by Lozzer87

Yeah, pretty much what the title says, I have a cold and my throat's being a bitch right now. It's eased off a little but god damn it.


Progress on cartoon: About 40% there.

Mega64 Animation is done!

2016-09-14 12:43:12 by Lozzer87

Finally got the cartoon done after about a month's work on it. Yaaaay.

Upcoming cartoon

2016-08-25 07:25:07 by Lozzer87

Currently working on a Mega 64 cartoon. It's pretty rough for now, but I will post it soon.